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Tico and Joris



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Welcome to my site "Talking" with animals

Or actually : intuitive telephatic communication

What is "talking" with animals? How does animal communication work?

What does an "animal communicator" do ?

“Talking” with animals is actually making contact with an animal on intuitive telepathic level. read on

Experiences of the owners that let me talk with their animals

A very special experience with missing cat Sammy read on

A special encounter and experience with a dragonfly read on

How can you sign up for a consultation to let me talk with your animal(s)?

send an email to:


Animals are not only our loyal companions, they can also heal us, are our teacher en are the link that connects us with nature in all its simplicity and wisdom.

Whether we want it or not, we are telepathically in contact with our domestic animal. The animal catches our thoughts and feelings. With good adjustment we can develop more feelings for the needs, feelings and physical condition of our domestic animal and moreover make contact with what is going on in the inner spirit of the animal. We can also learn to communicate on distance with animals, so you can -for example- trace down missing animals.

We can learn to prepare ourselves  emotionally for the death of our beloved domestic animal. But the most beautiful thing we can learn from our animals is: unconditional love.
And we realize that they teach us how to love ourselves.


Real love, kiss from Pogo


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Bassie, my deceased cat

Grijssie, 19 years old

Kai and Sem

Tobias, 20 years old

mini, little pony

My pony Pogo with safetyhelmet

Tico en Joris, 13 weeks young

Tico, my prince on his white bed

Tico, my joung cat

Joris is washing Tico


My pony and me during endurance

Tuwa and Pogo




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